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The Dunnington number refers to the identification scheme used in the genealogy contained in G. Waldo Dunnington's biography of Gauss, Carl Friedrich Gauss:Titan of Science. The book was published in 1955 and the genealogy contained it was compiled by Dunnington by contacting known family members and using the material they sent to him.

The identification scheme is interesting. It is an attempt to bring the unwieldy, multi-dimensional data of genealogy into to linear form. The scheme starts with Gebhardt Dietrich Gauss, the mathematician's father. I surmise that Dunnington did this in order to include some of Gauss' brother's descendants. From there, it is generated by adding letters a, b, c, etc. to the parent's id string, the letter corresponding to the child's place in the birth order. I have extending this scheme to people not in the book itself. It has been handy in ordering the Gauss Index.

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