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John Jay Johns journal, September - December, 1860


100 Lbs Hams, 9 lbs salt, 20z saltpetre, 2 lbs white sugar,
1 at syrup, 4 oz saleratus. Boil and skim - 10 gals water.
Put in hams for 3 weeks. Take out 24 hrs and put back for
3 weeks and then smoke.

28 Sep 1860
Visited the St. Louis Fair yesterday – at least 100,000 people present. A grand affair. Saw the Prince of Wales, an unassuming modest-looking youth, very plain, nothing striking or commanding in his appearance.

22 Nov 1860
Great excitement in the South about the election of Lincoln to the Presidency. Strong threats of secession by the cotton states. It has had the effect to produce a money panic and at present the indications are alarming.

13 Dec 1860
Great pecuniary distress in the country owing to the political discussions which have arisen out of the election of Lincoln for President. Several of the Southern States threaten secession, and will in all probability go. It is a dark time for our country. The North has agitated the subject of slavery until the South is maddened to desperation and unless she retraces her steps, the Union can not stand. The Lord is our only help.

30 Dec 1860
Sabbath evening. I feel constrained to say now as the year is about closing "hitherto has the Lord helped me". I have record that the Lord has greatly blessed us as a family during the past year. What a rich experience of his abounding goodness have we enjoyed’. Health and plenty, domestic and social joys, and precious religious privileges. We have now nine children. What a precious charge to train and educate for time and eternity. Who is sufficient for these things? O Lord, I commit them to thee evermore, Amen. The weather is quite cold. Two days ago had a heavy rain. Our little son Glover[1] has been quite sick with pneumonia for two days. Our land is now suffering great distress, pecuniarily and politically. The North and South are arrayed against each other in bitter hostility on the slavery question. South Carolina has seceded. Other Southern states are preparing to do so soon. Disunion and civil war threaten us. Men's hearts fail them from fear of terrible calamities. Human wisdom it utterly at fault to settle the difficulty. God alone can deliver us. The President has appointed a day of fasting and prayer for the nation. May the Lord save this people and make us a praise in the earth.

  1. JOHNS, Thomas Glover (1855-1881)


Location of handwritten original unknown. Excerption by Anne Durfee Gauss before 1932. Transcription by Florence Johns in 1960s. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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