Letter:BORDEN, E. Shirley to Anne Durfee Gauss - 1923-07-24

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From BORDEN, Edward Shirley (1867-1951)
To GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876-1932)
Date: 24 Jul 1923
Family(s) Borden,Glenday,Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection


On board the Cunard R. M. S. "Franconia"

24 July 1923

My dear Anne -

We have had our visit to Britain and are on our way home. We have enjoyed it all. Our people in Scotland were glad to see us and were most kind. We got over being strange immediately, and spent all our days and evenings with them. I took a number of pictures which I will send you when I can get them printed.

I tried to find the forbears (their names) of Peter Glenday and Anne Lindsay. The Butcharts know nothing, but I have stirred them up and they are interested themselves now. We went to Edinburgh after leaving Rattray and I hoped to find records at the Register House, where copies of all the parish registers are kept. The reasons are long to write - but I was not successful in finding anything.

Do you know from old letters or otherwise whether, beside Patrick Glenday and Anne Lindsay, there came to America James Lindsay (Anne's brother)? And his family or any others? The more who were brothers and sisters the more likely to find who they were.

Andrew Glenday refers, in a letter from St. Charles, to his Uncle James in Missouri and also to "John Ogilvie, my uncle" in Scotland. Some Ogilvies were our direct ancestors. Do you know how? The Earl of Airlie, whose family name is Ogilvie, lives between Rattray and Kirriemuir. We passed his place. It would be nice to have the Ogilvie tartan as well as the Lindsay. All the records are kept by parishes and it is necessary to know what parish they lived in to learn anything. Maybe some letters that you or George have will tell us.

Patrick/Peter Glenday wrote to his father, James Glenday, and his "step-mother" who lived at that time in Forfar.

Cousin Ada is doing what she can to get a clue, and any that you can furnish will be a help. I remember some Lindsays lived near Mulberry Grove. who were they? What relation: Can you find anything from St. Charles County records? These are a good many questions, but I hope you are interested.

Old Mrs. Butchart is simply lovely - bright and well. The children wanted to bring her home. she is 81.

Best regards to you all.

Very truly,

E. S. B.

P. S. We are out three days from Liverpool and this will go by high seas mail. Parishes over there are about as large as our townships. A county will be composed of any number, and a man can move from one to another without going very far.


Location of handwritten original unknown. Typewritten copy in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, May 27, 2000.

Transcriber's Notes

The above written by E. Shirley Borden of Greendale Farm, Media, Pa. to Anne Durfee Gauss in St. Charles, Missouri. Grandson and great-granddaughter of Mrs. Anne Glenday Durfee. Great-grandson and great-great-granddaughter of Patrick Glenday and Anne Lindsay. --ADG


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