Letter:BUTCHART, Ada to Anne Durfee Gauss - 1923-04-04

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From BUTCHART, Adamina M (1872 - 1930)
To GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876 - 1932)
Date: 04 Apr 1923
Family(s) Glenday,Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection


4th April - 23

My dear Anne

Here are the Tartans at last & I am sure you are out of all patience by this time. some days ago I sent a sharp note to Inverness re. the delay. I got a reply to say the scarf & silks would come direct from the maker. Evidently they only stock the commoner tartans, & others have to be made to order. I hope you wont be disappointed. I think the silk very dear, & it doesn't seem to be pure silk either. The Ogilvie is a pretty tartan. The Lindsay coloures are peculiar but I rather like it.

It was awfully good of you to send me that lovely book of designs, they are all charming & I hope to do lots from them bye & bye. Many thanks. The books arrived the evening before last just as I was getting ready for my singing class, & I made myself late. I go so interested turning over page after page.

We are in the middle of spring cleaning, then my concert is next week. I won't feel settled until it is over. I'll send you a paper if the report is flattering!!

Just send a p.c. to say if you get this all right. I hope also you get payment I enclosed in my last for the transfer designs, & I do hope I sent enough.

I must get this off to the post now. Much love & again many thanks for all your kindness.

Affect- yours
Ada Butchart


Handwritten original, private collection, the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan Chambless, 1999.

Transcriber's Notes


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