Letter:GAUSS, Anne D. to G. Waldo Dunnington - 1926-04-02

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From GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876 - 1932)
To DUNNINGTON, Guy Waldo (1906 - 1974)
Date: 02 Apr 1926
Family(s) Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes
Has significant genealogical information: Yes

St. Charles, Missouri April 2, 1926

Professor G. Waldo Dunnington Washington and Lee University Lexington, Virginia

Dear Professor Dunnington:

Some time during the past winter you wrote asking for information and material concerning Carl Friedrich Gauss, with the view of writing his biography. I presume you still have this purpose and no doubt have been obtaining material from other sources. I know that William T. Gauss of Colorado Springs has a good deal that might assist, not only of his own collecting, but if I remember correctly - some things that had been collected by my uncle Robert Gauss, who lived many years in Denver and died in 1913. Robert Gauss and my father[1] (who also died in 1913) were cousins of William T. The latter probably has time to show an interest, being an old man and less active in business, and no doubt has assisted you. However, I would like to contribute a little material that perhaps he has not at hand, - in other words, something from Eugene Gauss' branch of the family. In explanation of delay will say that I am secretary to the president of a college here[2], and this keeps me busy all day, with only a scrap of time in the evening for my own affairs; no doubt you can understand how hard it is to give attention to such a matter as this, which is entirely apart from routine and urgent matters.

I am making a little start by sending you the enclosed copy of a letter from C. F. Gauss to his son Eugene (my grandfather). I have not the original, which is probably one of several that quite a number of years ago were loaned for safe keeping to Lick Observatory. This copy you need not return; and I expect as I find time to send you copies of several others, - another from C. F. G. and two or three from his daughter Theresa. One of the latter I think is especially interesting[3], as it gives a glimpse of their life in her father's old age and of a jubilee celebration in his honor by the University and townspeople.

I have newspaper prints of a number of statues, in case you haven't these from other sources. In 1911, Helen Gauss (daughter of William T.) travelled in Germany and was present at the dedication of the Gauss memorial tower. Her letters, as well as some from her mother and aunt who were with here, were sent around the family for reading; and I found them so interesting that I made copies. However, her father could furnish material connected with that occasion, including photograph of the bust made for the tower, etc.

I do not know the German language; three-fourths of my ancestry was from other sources, much of it colonial American; two of my grandparents came to Missouri from Virginia and we are Southern Presbyterians. My Grandfather Gauss' marriage and church connections took him away from the German. an English biography of C. F. Gauss would therefore be more valuable to me than all those in German.

With best wishes,

Yours very sincerely, A. D. G.

  1. GAUSS, Charles Henry (1845-1913)
  2. Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Missouri
  3. GAUSS, Therese to Eugene Gauss - 1850-12-06


Carbon copy of the original typewritten letter in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, May 12, 2000.

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