Letter:GAUSS, Anne Durfee to Henrietta Fawcett - 1885-01-01

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From GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876 - 1932)
To FAWCETT, Henrietta (1817 - 1909)
Date: 01 Jan 1885
Family(s) Gauss,Fawcett
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Needs annotation: Yes

Envelope: Mrs. Henrietta Gauss, St. Charles, Mo

San Antonio, Jan 1st 1885

Dear Grandma

The night after Christmas papa brought home the nice Christmas box, and we all had a good time watching it being opened, John got up as Close as he could and enjoyed it as much as anybody although we all enjoyed it very much. I thank you very much for the book. I don't know who sent the other things but I thank you all very much. Mamma gave me a doll what they call Bisque or a French doll anyhow like the big doll of Blanches if you have seen it it has little slippers and stockings and golden hair and rosy cheeks. and papa gave me a book the name of the book is Hans Christian Andersens Fairy Tales, some of the stories are like the stories in Julia's book and some of them are like the stories in Shirley's Grimm's Household Fairy Tales. How did you all get along Christmas? when I once began to read fairy tales I liked them at once. A terrible misfortune happened to my doll, and when I was playing with it I set it down on the sofa to look at one of the dresses and when I looked up I found that the eye had fallen inside the head it has blue eyes although it has only one eye now, but mamma is going to take the head off and past the eye in. When John was out in the buggy on Tuesday he had on his little velvet cap and his new cloak he said to the nurse girl Lizzie, stoves hot burn John head, he ment the sun was hot, and Lizzie had to take him in the house and put on his straw hat and take off his cloak

yours truly, Annie


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, 1999.

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