Letter:GAUSS, Virginia to Anne D. Gauss - 1914-12-26

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From GAUSS, Virginia (1853 - 1930)
To GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876 - 1932)
Date: 26 Dec 1914
Family(s) Gauss
Collection Minna Gauss Reeves collection
Has significant genealogical information: Yes


Postmark: Columbia, MO, Dec 27-14, 9---PM

Miss. A. D. Gauss
701 Tomkins St.
St. Charles, Mo


In pencil at top:

Aunt L.[1] told me about their ancestors, But I think it must have been her great grandfather who left France & he had three sons. I think persecutions of the Heuguenots were over by 1740 or 45.

Columbia, Mo
Dec 26th, 1914

Dear Annie:

I made a mistake about the year your Father went to Yale. He started in the Fall of 1864. I can swear to it.

Everyone said it was the Fall of 1865 so I wrote it that year. After he took the letter & I was sitting here alone thinking, thinking, it came to me that 1865 was the wrong date. There is no question about it, he left in 1864. The spring that Lincoln was assinated [sic] we were living in the Mallincrodt house, & Henry was not at home. he was at Yale.

Mrs. Neidermeyer has just gotten home from St. Louis where she was operated on for cancer one breast was taken off.

A card came from Cousin Mary today the 26th. She got my card so Blanche need not look up the address. Also a card from Susan, she says if the weather permits she is coming up Farmers week.

With love,

Aunt Sis

Question 1st: I think your father went to Yale in the Fall of 1865.
2nd: Don't know maybe Cousin Oscar[2] could tell.
3. Father was 18 [20 penciled in] years old when he came to this country. He soon inlisted in U.S. army. I think he first went to Wisconsin. [Minnesota penciled in]. He was associated with Rev. Pond, a missionary & helped him translate the New Testament in to the Sioux language. After serving his time out, he came to Mo, was employed by the American Fur Company & stationed in Dakota.
4th. He had a general merchandise store, Gauss & Weidner, there in the grain business, Then Lumber, also President of the First-National Bank. Eugene thinks he was the first president of the Bank. Resigned on account of his eyes.
5th Don't know
6th Mother was born in Harrisonburg Va. First A. ancestors were Benjamin Fawcett & his wife Delilah Regneau Fawcett. Settled in Agusta Co. Va. 1770 I think. They were Huguenots. Three Fawcett brothers escaped from France to England. One stayed in England, the other two come to U.S. Benjamen Fawcett had some ironworks in Va. & became wealthy for those days.
6th. Mother's father, Joseph Fawcett came to Mo. in 1834, settled near Booneville at Old Franklin. staid about a year then came to St. Charles.
7th Mother went to school in Staunton. That's all I know.
8th None of his brothers graduated. I graduated. I don't think degrees of any kind were given to women in those days. Just Honors. 1st valedictorin. 2nd Saluditorin. I was 2nd.
10th. No.
11th. Your Father had a tutor first. special studies Latin & German I think. Colleges in St. Charles then Washington University.
12. Don't know

Transcriber's Notes

Author was Virginia Gauss, daughter of Eugene Gauss and Henrietta Fawcett.

"your father" was Charles Henry Gauss, son of Eugene Gauss and Henrietta Fawcett.

"Father" was Eugene Gauss, son of Carl Friedrich Gauss and Minna Waldeck.

Blanche was a daughter of Charles Henry Gauss and Charlotte Elizabeth Johns.

"Mother" was Henrietta Fawcett, daughter of Joseph Fawcett.

  1. Probably FAWCETT, Lucretia Catherine (1822 - 1913) who seems to have provided quite a lot of genealogical information.
  2. Perhaps GAUSS, Oscar William (1842 - 1918)


Handwritten original in the private collection of the Chambless family. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, August 13, 2003.

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