Letter:GAUSS, Virginia to Anne D. Gauss - 1923-08-23

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From GAUSS, Virginia (1853 - 1930)
To GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876 - 1932)
Date: 23 Aug 1923
Family(s) Gauss
Collection The Black Book - Ann and Minna Gauss
Needs annotation: Yes

Boone County, Missouri
August 23, 1923

Dear Anne:

I was so glad to know the old home place was not to pass into strangers' hands. I can well understand how much you all are attached to it. I care for it myself. It surely hurt me to give up our place in St. Charles. after many years I have become attached to this place; for a long time I thought I never would.

Just after the close of the war Cousin Mary wrote me and said she had heard from Carl Gauss and he told her all of his sons had come through the war unhurt. I wish Cousin Mary would write to Dr. Carl Gauss and find out just how thing are.

Thanks for your invitation to come to St. Charles. I hope you won't think I don't want to come. I would enjoy it, would like to see you all and Susan, but we expect to put up a chicken house and do some other work. This means that I have to cook for hands. We want to begin as soon as we can get somebody to do the work. Our chickens are more profitable than anything. I had some oats in; after expenses were paid I will have about $20.

I guess Matt told you about the storm we had the Sunday he was here. Dick Johnson said there were five cars stranded near his house; one girl fainted and they carried her into Dick's. Mrs. Arnold, old Mrs. Hickman, Thad, Susie and the baby were caught in it. Their engine went dead on them and they just had to take it.

Mike Fisher has come back from Fulton. I can't understand why they brought him back, for somebody has to stay with him, never leave him alone.

Betty Beazley looks far from well. she has turned so dark, just like Miss Laura did. Bettie is naturally fair, living in town she ought to still be fair. Eugene picked up Tom the other day; he was telling some of their money troubles. Lost quite a good deal. I think I told you a student took their car out one night and damaged it $200. Tom said the man promised to pay; never did, but left town, owing Bettie $90 board bill.

For a wonder am going to town this afternoon. This makes second time I have been in the stores since last November.

With love,
Aunt Sis

Transcriber's Notes

From Miss Virginia Gauss, Columbia, Boone County, Missouri, five miles southwest of town, to Anne D. Gauss, St. Charles. --Anne D. Gauss


Location of handwritten original unknown. Typed transcription from the Black Book, notes of Anne Durfee Gauss and Minna Gauss Reeves. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, May 27, 2000.

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