Letter:GAUSS, William T. to Anne and Blanche Gauss - 1923-08-27

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From GAUSS, William Theodore (1851 - 1928)
To GAUSS, Anne Durfee (1876 - 1932)
Date: 27 Aug 1923
Family(s) Gauss
Collection The Black Book - Ann and Minna Gauss
Needs annotation: Yes

Colorado Springs, Colorado
August 27, 1923

My dear cousins Anne and Blanche -

Your letter of the 23d reached me this morning and I am today forwarding the amount of the draft enclosed ($10), by registered mail, to our cousin Carl Gauss in Hameln, Germany, as coming from Blanche and yourself. As you understand, am sending in U. S. dollar bills, for the reason that in cashing any draft sent, whether through a bank or the American Express Company, he would be paid its equivalent in marks, whereas in getting the amount to him in our currency and dollar bills, he can cash it in, one at a time, as he may need to do; and by retaining to balance in our currency, for future later needs, eliminate any loss, which seems to be growing greater every day, through the steady and rapid decline of the value of the mark; since the greater the decline, the greater will be the purchasing power of his dollar in our money.

As yet I have had no acknowledgement from him, nor return receipt through the P. O. of any of the five different registered letters sent him since July 14 last, but am hoping they have all reached him safely, and that the delay in receiving acknowledgement is only due to the necessary red tape involved in putting such registered mail through a foreign office.

The conditions as we read of them are certainly very bad over there, and I am sure this evidence of thoughtful consideration for him at this time, by Cousin Blanche and yourself, will not only be appreciated but a great satisfaction and pleasure to him, as well as help in alleviating any trouble he may be experiencing thro' it all.

As to his sons' condition, I am sorry I can give you no further information than what I wrote your Aunt Virginia. He had three sons and one married daughter. One of the sons was killed in the war. He himself is an exceptionally fine man, about 74 years old. My wife and daughter Helen met him when they were in Germany in 1913914 (?) (1911), the daughter visiting him at his home, where she was shown a good many old family relics.

It is a pleasure to hear from you and I shall certainly let you hear, as soon as I get any information as to how matters are going with Cousin Carl himself or any of his family. Please remember me most kindly to your mother and all of your family. Hoping you are well, with best wishes and love of my wife,

Your loving cousin
(Signed) Wm. T. Gauss

Our daughter is still in Boston but we are expecting her home now in a couple of weeks.


Location of handwritten original unknown. Typed transcription from the Black Book, notes of Anne Durfee Gauss and Minna Gauss Reeves. Transcribed to softcopy by Susan D. Chambless, May 7, 2000.

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