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Gauss and his Children

This web site gathers together information about the descendants of Carl Friedrich Gauss. I envision it as a meeting place for researchers and family members, since both groups have an interest in this information. See the Gauss Index for a list of Gauss descendants that I know about.

This site includes a genealogy. Click on the link and fill in the form to search for people you are interested in.

Descendants of Carl Friedrich Gauss

This is only the first part of the tree. Links in some boxes are to downloadable PDF files of that person's descendants. People with no descendants are italicized. If your family is included here and you have updates or corrections, please Contact:Susan Chambless.

Johanna Osthoff
Carl Friedrich Gauss
Minna Waldeck
Carl J. Gauss
Wilhelmina Gauss
Louis Gauss
Eugene Gauss
Charles W. Gauss
Teresa Gauss
Charles F. Gauss
Maria Gauss
Oscar W. Gauss
Mary L. Gauss
John B. Gauss
William T. Gauss
Louis F. Gauss
Joseph H. Gauss

Don't know where to start?

The Thirteenth Earl of Casillis

Peggy Robinson is putting up her great grandfather's book, The Thirteenth Earl of Cassillis. It's an interesting read. You could start it now and come back for more as it goes up, or wait for the whole thing. Thanks, Peggy.

Crowd Sourcing

I would like to invite anyone who would like to help with this site to contact me. You can help by:

  • Requesting a login in and adding material to the site. I will help you do this in any way I can.
  • Sending me any corrections, addtions or comments you have.

What's New

Favorite Things

One of my favorite things about the site is the 'Dates index' (see left). There, the 300 years covered by this site are broken up into centuries, then decades. On each decade page, births, deaths, documents written and world and family events are listed for each year, forming a kind of time-line for the site. For instance, see 1860-1869. Of course, this requires a certain amount of attention, adding date properties to the appropriate pages, but I have more or less gotten into a habit with that.

1600-1699 ~o~ 1700-1799 ~o~ 1800-1899 ~o~ 1900-1999

About the site Software

This page is part of a MediaWiki site, like Wikipedia. Every page is editable by any logged in user, although I have been developing some conventions that make things easier to find. See the Help section for more. In addition, there is a genealogical software, Next Generation of Genealogy Site Building. Each person with a page in the wiki (if the connection has been made) is linked to a page in the genealogy. See About This Site for more information.


I have added a blog for my commentary on the work I am doing on this site, and also for my other interests.

Mail List

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Thanks To:

  • The Collectors who originally gathered these materials: Anne Durfee Gauss, Minna Gauss Reeves, William T. Gauss, Helen Worthington Gauss, Helen Worthington Sansone.
  • My brother, Bob Chambless, for his special help and support, and also to the rest of my immediate family.
  • Bob Newsome, for keeping the Johns family genealogy, and generously allowing me to use it as a base.
  • Skip Johns, for generously loaning me the Virginia Stash.
  • Bill Fawcett, for generously sharing with me the manuscript of his privately printed book on the Fawcett family.
  • Ruth Ratliff who sent additional information on the Fawcett family.
  • Dave Willis and Alan Morgan who shared info on John Jay Johns daughter Louisa Johns Morgan and that branch of the family, as well as the wonderful portraits of John Jay Johns sons, Glover, Arthur and Shirley, and the wonderful picture of the Johns house in St. Charles, Mo.
  • Countless others who have emailed me and generously shared information with me.

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